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Announcing the 2022 Deliver Award Winners!

Our ML Healthcare team works hard every day to DELIVER to our residents. We are impressed with their dedication and passion in the care they provide, and we are honored to recognize them for their efforts.

What does it mean to DELIVER?

DELIVER is the Core Value of ML Healthcare.

D - Drive Innovation

E - Expect Excellence

L - Lead by Example

I - Act with Integrity

V - Provide Value

E - Patient Experience

R - Respect One Another

The Deliver Awards recognize the best of the best! There were three separate awards:

The Deliver Award recognizes a person that embodies the core values of ML and:

  • Continuously seeks ways to improve satisfaction when providing services to various members of their community.

  • Builds a community within their department.

  • Eliminates barriers by communicating and collaborating with others to address a need.

The Behind the Scenes Award recognizes a person that embodies the core values of ML and:

  • A person that embodies the core values of ML &:

  • Provides quality work behind the scenes that contribute to the success of operations, programs or projects

  • Someone whose distinguished work makes everything go smoothly for everyone else

  • Performs above and beyond the call of duty to ensure the smooth sailing of various operations.

The Rising Star Award recognizes a person that embodies the core values of ML and:

  • A new addition to the team (1 year or less)

  • Shows significant potential to be a star with their community.

  • Their work performance surpasses or exceeds the job description, and they demonstrate commitment to the team.

  • Has contributed a significant amount of positive impact on the team.

And the winners are...

Madison Hockin, LVN at Sylvan Shores Health and Wellness was awarded with the Deliver Award. "During our Covid outbreak, Madison was one of the first nurses that volunteered without hesitation...'that is why we became nurses, that is why we do what we do.' Every time she is working the floor, my resident's eyes light up with excitement. The hallways are full of life and happiness and the residents reflect that." For her prize, she received two tickets to a Morgan Wallen concert, and spending money.

Vicente Corona, Maintenance Director at Sylvan Shores Health and Wellness was awarded the Behind the Scenes Award. "Any resident needs; he jumps in and takes care of whatever they need, including vendors. He comes and volunteers to clean rooms and work in Dietary on his weekends off without anyone asking. Volunteers to always cook for our residents and employees during any event. We do not know how this building functioned without him in our corner." For his prize, Vicente received a weekend trip to Galveston, TX, including hotel accommodations, dining and spending money.

Melanie Hall, CPN at The Lodge of Saginaw was awarded the Rising Star Award. "She picks up extra days unselfishly because we need the help. She ensures the residents' food is delivered as soon as the trays arrive so every resident gets hot, fresh food. She can see it in her eyes. Melanie is a perfect example of what to do and how to do it. She is the model we want everyone to follow and we are proud to have her on our team." For her prize, Melanie received two tickets to see the Mavericks play the Golden State Warriors, as well as parking and money to spend at the NBA game.

Thank you Madison, Vicente and Melanie for always striving to DELIVER the best service and care to our ML Healthcare residents. Congratulations on your prizes and awards!


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