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Ryan Lambert Named THCA Region 5 Nurse of the Year

We are excited to announce that Ryan Lambert, RN has been named the THCA Region 5 Nurse of the Year!

Ryan has been a committed employee at The Springs Healthcare & Rehabilitation since 2018. He has a passion to work as a charge nurse because it allows him to have the personal connection with the residents and his coworkers.

One can always see Ryan on the evening shift working to meet not only the resident needs but his coworkers needs as well. He is often answering call lights, assisting with care, passing meal trays, and providing medications and treatments. But that does not stop him from taking the time to listen to his residents and answer family member questions.

Ryan is a compassionate, dedicated and knowledgeable nurse. He is a team player that leads by example. He has excellent communication skills and is a dedicated nurse.

According to the residents, Ryan is quick to attend to their needs and has a caring bedside manner. More importantly, he uses humor to lift resident spirits anytime they're feeling low. Says one resident, Ryan "is a ray of sunshine to us."

This year to celebrate "Crazy Hair Day" for Nurses Week, Ryan came in with a long hair wig and visor that had the residents and staff cracking up as he laughed along with others. He was the talk of the building for quite some time with such grace and enjoyment provided for the residents. He truly defines a positive work environment even in the most stressful situations. This is just one example of how Ryan contributes such a spirit of fun and engagement in the community.

Please join us in congratulating Ryan Lambert as THCA’s Region 5 Nurse of the Year!


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